May 9, 2022 dataharvest

BCP Blitz Leads Series A in Greyscale AI

I am pleased to share BCP Blitz’ $8M Series A investment in Greyscale AI.

GSAI is a Silicon Valley startup that sells cutting edge inspection systems for packaged consumer products. GSAI’s proprietary integrated hardware and software solutions scan at the speed of production lines using advanced AI and analytics to automatically identify packaging defects and heretofore difficult to detect contaminants, which are sadly prevalent across our food supply.

For customers, this delivers a clear ROI both in gross margin expansion and consolidated production and safety analytics. This is particularly important amid the high inflationary environment that we find ourselves in. For customers and society, this helps reduce food wastage by stopping the $161B of food recalls that happen each year and improves the health and safety of things we consume. With a clear value to customers and society, GSAI is growing rapidly with excellent customer traction worldwide.

The GSAI founding team knows the food industry and customers inside and out and brings successful startup and tech experience across companies like One Medical, Apple, Netflix and more. We’ve been impressed with the founders – and the team they’re building – in every single interaction we’ve had.

BCP Blitz invests across food tech, ag tech, climate tech and wellness to advance a Smart Society that is sustainable and healthy. Our investment in GSAI falls in our food tech vertical, making a specific positive impact to reduce food wastage and improve health and safety. GSAI continuously stops contaminants from entering our bodies and halts costly, wasteful and high-carbon footprint food recalls before they start.

Our investment is squarely within our Smart Society focus, advancing sustainability and health. With a strong positive impact, a massive global market, an incredible team and some of the highest forecast growth rates we’ve seen, we could not be more excited to lead the GSAI Series A and partner to build a transformational inspection and analytics platform for companies around the world.