In the next decade, we will reinvent how we eat, produce and power our world.


We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reinvent our society to be sustainable and efficient. How our food is produced. How we supply and consume energy. How our manufacturing and supply chains work. How our transport networks run.

These industries touch billions of people and are worth trillions of dollars. And they are under pressure. From inflation. From climate change. From geopolitics. From population growth. The most valuable companies of tomorrow will be those that reinvent these foundational global industries for the future.

We’ve built global software companies as Founders and CEOs and led sustainable agriculture initiatives as entrepreneurs. Now, we’ve come together with a new approach to venture capital to invest in the category-leaders of tomorrow and help solve our most foundational challenges across three areas:

Food Systems

Our food supply is under intense pressure from inflation, population growth and geopolitics. At the same time, food production is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions, environmental destruction is increasing and human nutrition is declining. We invest in technology companies that transform our global food system to be sustainable, secure and healthy.

Sustainable Energy

We must reinvent our energy sources to be sustainable, efficient and reliable in the face of growing climate and cost pressures. At the same time, we now consume more power and data than at any time in history, in every corner of the world, and our traditional grid cannot keep up. We invest in technologies that reinvent energy provision and consumption to be renewable and reliable.

Smart Infrastructure

Much of our industrial infrastructure remains aging and analog. We must reinvent our global infrastructure to be digital, data driven and scalable to transform how we produce goods, consume information and manage supply chains. We invest in smart infrastructure that leverages edge networks, IoT, blockchain, hardware and software to reinvent the future.

Featured BCP CEOs

“We selected BCP to lead our Series B investment round because we valued the partners’ experience as CEOs and operators. We deeply value their partnership and coaching as we build our company through rapid growth.”

-Alexandra Rasch
Founder and CEO, Caban Systems

“Since BCP invested, they have been an active partner on our Board and in growing our business – from helping to raise capital to thinking through our go-to-market strategies, and more. We truly see the benefit of the partners’ prior experience as entrepreneurs.”

– Blaine Mathieu
CEO Pratexo

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