October 18, 2022 dataharvest

BCP Joins Ryp Labs Series A

BCP invests in Series A in Ryp Labs through SPV

We are excited to announce our investment in Ryp Labs through an SPV with our LPs.  Ryp Labs sells biomicry solutions that protect fruit and vegetables from pathological infections in an all-natural way.  The company manufactures and sells sachets, labels and coatings to retailers and distributors.  Their solutions significantly reduce premature rotting from pathological infections and reduce food waste, one of our focuses at BCP in our food systems investment vertical.  Today there is more than $2.6 trillion of food wastage across the world.

Ryp Labs was founded by Moody Soliman and Steve Hulteng after they worked together in the biotech and medical devices space and understood that similar compound-based solutions could be applied to fruit and vegetables to protect them from pathological infections, as in humans.  After extensive R&D and multiple US Department of Agriculture grants, the company has now started selling to large retailers and distributors.  Ryp currently has more than 10 patents filed and pending for their solutions.

We are incredibly excited to Partner with Moody and Steve to reduce food waste worldwide!